Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The FP7 project SME-AERO-POWER empowers SMEs in the broad interdisciplinary domain of Aerospace to participate in EU research.

Benefits for participating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Small Organisations (SOs):

  • Coaching of key people in using up-to-the-minute techniques and concepts in the management of innovation
  • Training and practice in writing competitive bids for FP7/8 research funding
  • Access to a European-wide network of SMEs & SOs using web-based collaboration-support tools in a "learning community"
  • The use of appropriate and effective creative problem-solving and knowledge-sharing techniques
  • Membership of relevant Special Interest Groups built around "hot topics" of importance to European aerospace primes


Why register to SME-AERO-POWER ?

Small or medium business operating in the Aerospace domain can benefit from:

  • Strengthening the participation of SMEs in innovative collaborations with European aerospace primes.
  • Improving SME capabilities to prepare and win EC Framework Programme bids for research funding.

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eu 2203429b  FP7 2013 Work Programme in the area of TRANSPORT (INCLUDING AERONAUTICS)

The Orientation Paper on Transport incl. Aeronautics 2013 Work Programme has just been officially published by the European Commission on the Participants Portal, allowing presentations and brokerage activities to be focused on concrete topics from the 2013 Transport Work Programme.

Read more: FP7 2013 TRANSPORT & AERONAUTICS Work Programme

Transport Advisory Group Annual Report 2011

The Transport Advisory Group (TAG) has published its fifth annual report outlining its work in 2011.

TAG was established in 2006 to provide advice on strategy, objectives and priorities to the European Commission on developing the Transport theme of the Co-operation Programme of FP7.

Read more: Transport Advisory Group Annual Report 2011


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